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· 6 min read

TL;DR Recently I have switched from Jekyll to Docusaurus for my personal website. And immediately noticed the issue with letting the visitors place comments to blog posts. It seems that the comments work out of the box only for Facebook comments and then only if one has a registered FB business site (according to this PR). Searching on adding e.g. Disqus blog comments in Docusaurus brought back more questions than answers. (see some references at the end of this post)

The closest I could get to the solution was How to add forum to Docusaurus using Utterances comments via GitHub issues. I got the gist but the vendor binding was too big to my taste.

So, I have made my own go on this issue and finally succeeded in adding the Disqus blog comments to my Docusaurus blog. In this blog post you can see them in action and also read how I did it. I hope it might help some of you to do the same on yours.

UPDATED July 12, 2022

The code examples are compatible with Docusaurus 2.0.0-beta.16 and higher

· 4 min read

TL;DR Many of us have Disqus account to be able to place comments on those blogs which use Disqus comments widget for that. Because placing comments often requires being logged in. Of course, you can also log in with your Twitter or Facebook account. What is nice of Disqus optioin is that it keeps track of all your comments placed anywhere.

Sometimes however we want to add Disqus comments to our own blog and that requires another type of registration: that of our weblog itself. In this article, I share how this can be done. It may be helpful for those of you who got lost on the Disqus website searching for clues. 😃